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Shipping and Terms of Sale


Paypal and money orders are preferred. However, most forms of payment can be arranged.


Payment plans are made on a case by case basis. Terms are generally 25% down and full payment within 4 months.


Quality shipping is important, as it means the difference between a live snake and a dead snake (I’m amazed how often shipping is done in the cheapest manner and someone’s prized new reptile purchase gets the short end of the stick).

Shipping live reptiles is really not that complicated; however, it is a learned skill. I have been shipping around the world for a very long time, and believe me, I have seen my share of shipping catastrophes! So please, help me help you get your baby to its new home safely.

I only ship reptiles via FedEx Priority Overnight or Delta Dash airport to airport. Due to my location, I only have access to a regional airport so Fed Ex is without question the better of the two options.

Live arrival is guaranteed on animals purchased from me. With that being said, the ultimate decision on when to ship is mine. I reserve this right in order to assure you that your new snake will arrive in good condition.

I will not guarantee live arrival on any arrival over the weekend or during holidays (too many horrible things can happen when trying to ship into and over a weekend or the busy holiday travel and shipping times).

Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Shipping currently runs approximately $55.00-75.00

I ship via Fed Ex in an insulated box, with or without a heating or cooling pack, at my discretion. Live arrival is only guaranteed if the buyer is there to sign for the package and inspect the animal on the first delivery attempt.

I normally ship via FedEx Monday thru Wednesday with arrival the morning of Tuesday through Thursday. Special arrangements need to be made for arrival any other day.

Remember, we are dealing with a living creature! This demands that we treat the animal and act with the utmost integrity! I understand you may be very excited to receive your new specimen (and trust me, I am very excited to empty another baby's cage), but the integrity and health of the animal is my utmost concern. Sometimes this means waiting for a better weather window to ship your new little guy to you!

I am happy to ship animals internationally. Please contact me for details.

Sex Guarantee

When a specific sex is stated, I will guarantee that it has been sexed accurately. However, you must check the sex within 48 hours of receipt of the animal. If you have not brought it to my attention that you believe a snake has been sexed inaccurately within that time frame then it will be understood by both parties that you agree the animal has been sexed properly.

In addition to the sex guarantee, I, of course, want you to be happy with your new snake purchase. If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with your new specimen, you must make contact with me within 48 hours to discuss the details and make arrangement to return the animal in its original shipping container.

After 48 hours of arrival, both parties agree that all sales are final.

*All payments and deposits are non refundable unless I am unable to provide the animal.