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Found in the arid environments of Australia, Womas, along with their close relative the Black-headed Python - Aspidites melanocephalus - lack the heat receptor pits found in other Python species. Perhaps an adaptation to feeding on snakes and lizards in the wild? Although in the wild they will occasionally feed on warm-blooded prey such as rodents, they have a predominant dietary preference for snakes and especially lizards. Fortunately, in captivity they are voracious feeders of rodents!

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Woma Python (Aspidites ramsayi)

Woma Python

Now these are cool snakes! I am often asked "which snake makes the best pet snake?” My answer is always the same - the Womas (or formerly known as the Ramsays Python)! Hands down, these guys are about as perfect for a pet quality snake as anyone could ask for.

My young son wanted to have a snake "all his own" - guess which species we picked out. Yup, the charismatic Ramsays Python! Named him "Kiss" (of all names)... ok ok, my son was four at the time, but we are now stuck with a python named "Kiss!"


Womas are a medium sized snake, they can reach lengths of 4-5 feet with the occasional specimen growing to 6 feet.

They exhibit a wonderful earthy pale brown to yellow and reddish brown with darker bands across the body. Babies have these delightful black "eyebrow" spots above their eyes that usually fade as they mature.

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Easy to care for, house, and maintain, Womas feed readily... or wait enthusiastically! (anyone who has worked with this species will attest to this). The conditioned food response from these snakes is nothing short of amazing, but once they realize that we are, in fact, NOT food, they are likely the most gentle of the python species.

In captivity, Womas are very calm and inquisitive. The level of curiosity in these guys really adds to my enjoyment when working with them. Of course, it's an added bonus that mine are some of the most attractive specimens available in this country!