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Jungle Carpet Pythons are found only in North Eastern Australia in the Atherton Tableland area. They tend to be a more tropical species than most Carpets.

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Jungle Carpet Python (Morelia spilota cheynei)

Jungle Carpet Python

This species of Carpet Python is hands down the most brilliantly colored. The best individuals have amazing contrasting jet black and sunshine bright yellows and golds.


This medium sized Python is smaller than most of the other Carpet Pythons, usually reaching only 4-6 feet in length.

Jungle Carpet Python closeupJungle Carpet Pythons, like most Morelia species, go through a bit of an ontogenic color shift as they age. Baby Jungles are typically brownish/grey and black and can take over a year for the full vibrant Black and Yellows of the Jungles to show up - especially, with the VPI line of jungles, but the wait is definitely worth it!

Collection Details

The current status of this species in captivity has a very muddy past - I personally believe there are only a small handful of pure Jungle Carpet Python lines available.

Throughout their history, many have been cross-bred with other subspecies of the Morelia spilota complex: Diamond x Jungle, Coastal x Jungle, and Irian Jaya x Jungles. It's truly a shame when the natural form has been lost to hobbyists and breeders alike. Fortunately, I am maintaining the remainder of Jungle Carpet Pythons from the VPI (Dave and Tracy Barker) collection. These are arguably the best examples of PURE Jungle Carpet Pythons! They exhibit the most striking coloration of deep blacks and golds.

When buying Jungle Carpet Pythons, lineage and breeder reputation are the most important factors. It is way too easy to get a Diamond x Jungle that is spectacular to behold (in its own right), but is in no way a pure beautiful Jungle Python!