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Specimens found in the southern portion of their range are generally grayish-blue and black with the Northern populations exhibiting a more brownish hue.

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Inland Carpet Python (Morelia spilota metcalfei)

Inland Carpet Python from the Collection

Inland Carpet Pythons are one of my favorite python species. I have worked with almost all of the known species of pythons, and I have to say, these guys are amazing!


Also known as the Murray Darling Python, this beautiful grayish-blue, black and brown medium-sized python is found in Central to South Eastern Australia. Living in the semi arid, harsh areas of the Murray-Darling Basin, these snakes have adapted to some very tough terrain.

Most individuals range in size from 5-8 feet in length.

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There are only a very small number of breeders currently working with this species in the U.S. I have hand selected some of the finest individuals available, and am currently working with 3 completely unrelated bloodlines. I believe this amazing species is only going to increase in popularity as available specimens increase.

Even in captivity, these snakes are by far the easiest of the Carpet Python complex to keep and reproduce. This could be attributed to the wide array of climatic conditions they naturally experience in the wild.