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The Ball Python holds the longevity record for all snakes.

A Ball Python imported as an adult specimen of unknown age to the Philadelphia Zoo in 1945, died in 1992 after more than 47 years in captivity!

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Ball Python (Python regius)

Ball Python

The Ball Python is found in Central and West Africa. It is the only python species found only in the Northern Hemisphere - nowhere in its range does it cross south of the Equator.


The Ball Python has become the most popular pet and investment snake on the global market. It's easy to understand their popularity when we consider its relatively small size, easy-going disposition, ready availability, and ever-increasing numbers of spectacular morphs. Ball Python CloseupThese snakes have been domesticated and line-bred to produce some of the most striking and amazing looking offspring seen today.

Reaching average lengths of 3-4 feet in length with a maximum of a little over 6 feet, they are relatively short and heavy bodied animals (they are often described as "short, fat snakes").

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There was a time that I found myself not understanding the incredible popularity (and sometimes even more incredible prices) commanded by this species. I even once stated, "Ball Pythons make great King Cobra food." But after I began keeping this species for a few years in larger and larger numbers, I found they are in fact an amazing little Python. The array of colors available and the docility of their disposition makes them a true joy to keep and breed!

I have opted to work with a number of the different morphs with the albinos and the Piebald specimens easily being my favorites. These snakes are easy to maintain and reproduce in large numbers. With the ever growing number of designer variations, the popularity of this species will undoubtedly continue to grow for years to come.