Interesting Fact...

Albino Blood Pythons rarely shed for 2 - 3 months after they have hatched - most pythons shed within a week to ten days after hatching.

Albino Blood Pythons are wonderful predators, but are also hunted in the wild for meat, skins, and eggs to hatch for the pet trade - many areas in their range now practice responsible sustainable use conservation techniques.

With all of the new morphs presenting themselves what a wonderful species to work with and there are bright things in the future of these wonderful animals!

Terry Phillip with Rough Scaled Python Photo Gallery

From the Collection...

Albino Blood Python (Python brongersmai)

Albino Blood Python

These beautiful medium sized pythons have just recently gained popularity among snake enthusiasts and breeders due to the introduction of some amazing new color and pattern morphs.


Babies are typically orange, yellow and white in coloration and later experience a spectacular color change that may last for 2 - 3 years. Eventually they will attain their adult coloration, which can range from beautiful reds and oranges to light tans.

Albino Blood Python Closeup

When cared for properly, these snakes will grow to their adult size of between 4 and 5 feet, with some larger specimens reported.

Collection Details

My animals are of the VPI stock of T+ Albino Blood Pythons. These amazing snakes are simply a joy to work with!

When raising and breeding these snakes, obesity is a concern with this species in captivity, as it is with most pythons. Good breeding results for pythons typically begin with proper "trim and fit" breeders - I take extra care to assure that none of my snakes are over fed.

This species presents very few complications in husbandry but I caution that care should be taken to avoid over feeding these guys as they grow rapidly as babies (this isn't a good thing). These snakes are ambush hunters, relatively short and typically very heavy bodied - after the first 2 years they have a propensity for adding on a few "extra pounds."

Because these snakes are now being bred regularly in captivity, it is important to look for a breeder with a strong reputation to assure you are buying a captive born baby.