Terry Phillip with Rough Scaled Python Black Hills Pythons Collection Photo Gallery

I specialize in the captive reproduction of small to medium sized Pythons of pet and investment quality. My focus is mainly on Pythons of the Genus Morelia with a select few Aspidites, Python and Boa.

I choose to work with only the best individuals from the most exceptional bloodlines available - each has been hand selected for their purity, quality and individual beauty.


My goal is to provide you superior Pythons, as well as outstanding support.

Customer service is a term often overused in Herpetoculture as is Quality - I pride myself in excelling in both these areas as I have been involved in the reptile business for 20 years. Please contact me for quality reptiles and quality customer service. I assure you that your experience with Black Hills Pythons will be an investment in your future of reptile keeping.

I am based in the Black Hills of South Dakota and will gladly ship my specimens around the world.